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Indian American Package Store Association: United, Informed, Empowered

The Indian American Package Store Association was born from the rising need to have a united voice as the single largest demographic of store owners.  Our community operates more stores and continues to buy or open new businesses in the space than any other demographic.  We are the face of Connecticut Package Stores.  There has been no better time to unite our retailers for the sake of building a better industry so we can continue to offer Connecticut consumers the absolute best in adult beverages.

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Indian American’s own 60% permits in State of Connecticut.

It is estimated that Indian American’s own 60% of the 1200+ permits in the State of Connecticut.  Many of which are first generation immigrants with a significant level of lifelong investment into their business.  In addition to the financial risk, many have uprooted their entire family at the chance to succeed in their own small business and provide a secure future for their children.  Our Association is formed under the principle of knowing your investment, the dedication to your family’s success and the risks you have taken to get to this point.


IAPSA Provides these services to members


IAPSA meetings and events are great instruments for the membership to network with other business leaders and eventually expand their resources.

Social Engagement

IAPSA believes in Stronger Societies lead to Brighter Future for everyone. Hence, we engage in many social activities that help in nurturing the souls of our members.

Government Affairs

provide representation of our collective memberships interest during Connecticut’s legislative process

Resource Sharing

IAPSA not only makes various resources off its cuff available to its members but also provides a platform for its membership to share resources amongst them.

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Our goal is to offer members a forum to learn more about trending topics, discuss industry issues & share better business practices so we can enjoy continued success for decades to come. In addition, the I.A.P.S.A. will provide representation of our collective memberships interest during Connecticut’s legislative process. Together our Association identifies both opportunities as well as threats to our industry and works with lobbyists to ensure our businesses can continue to thrive.


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